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I have been proudly selling Rega products for almost 50 years. Back then Rega had only one product, a superb budget priced turntable which caused quite a stir by outperforming many far more expensive turntables. In fact that original turntable still sounds better than many modern turntables. Over the years the Rega range has expanded to include electronics and speakers, everything you need to put together a great system.

When choosing products to stock, I have a check list which they must comply with. Rega Research easily meets my requirements which include - performance and sound quality, reliability, value for money, proper backup service, stable professionally run company. Rega ticks all my boxes with ease. You may be surprised how few companies do.

On this page you will find information, news and links about some of the great products from Rega Research.


We are particularly delighted to share with you the latest UK Naia turntable review via Jason Kennedy, Editor of the ear.net

"Extraordinary about sums it up. That any turntable can deliver so much musical information, so much of what the musicians who made each record laid down in the first place is truly remarkable. I have always known that vinyl is the finest format, the medium with the greatest sound quality available to the music lover and the Rega Naia proves this to be true in no small way. The Planar 10 is one of the best turntables in the world and this is significantly better, I seriously doubt I will hear another record player that comes close". - Jason Kennedy Editor.

Read the full review here...


Fantastic news, the Elex Mk4 amplifier has won TWO major awards at this year's AV Forums Awards

The Elex was awarded MOST ASPIRATIONAL Stereo Amplifier and was then Awarded AV Forums highest accolade, Hi-Fi PRODUCT OF THE YEAR.

The full Elex MK4 10/10 review can be read here https://www.avforums.com/reviews/rega-elex-mk4-integrated-amp-review.20444/.

"There's no other amplifier I've tested recently at the price that offers the imperious ability of the Elex Mk4. The latest refreshed Rega therefore has to be seen as a Best in Class". AV Forums

"This is an utterly brilliant bit of kit and very much the current class leader of the field at the asking price" AV Forums

Rega introduce the Rega Naia Lifestyle.

A short video explaining why Rega is so far ahead of other turntable manufacturers.