Bargain Basement

Funk Gett turntable. Unused, as new.
Harbeth M30.1 Tiger Ebony. Lightly used, ex demo as new £3195 £2755
Harbeth P3ESR Rosewood. Our demo, as new, 24 hours maximum use. £1995 £1695
Michell Orbe SE display model, two hours use, full packing, warranty, as new
Croft Micro R (mm) as new, demo
Sonneteer Alabaster - our demo 6 hours use, as new
Michell Orber SER. New, unused display only model. A limited edition Orbe SE with extra 3-layer isolation plinth, full cover and uprated PSU
Rega Elicit-r. Our lightly used demo unit, as new with full packing and warranty.
Rega Saturn-r. Our lightly used demo unit with unused accessories, full packing and warranty.
Quad Solus (black). Very little use, as new.
EAR 899 integrated amp. Very little use, full packaging etc..
Pathos Classic Remic inc Hi-DAC. Piano black, 6 hours use, as new.
Croft Integrated-r. 24 hours use max.
Neat Motive SX1 Light Oak. Our demo with only 12 hours use. As new, full packaging.
Luxman D-05u CD, SACD player. 24 hours use max and as new with full packaging etc. Stunning player

All may be shipped at cost price.

Bargain Basement