Bargain Basement

Harbeth M30.1 Tiger Ebony. Lightly used, ex demo as new £3055 £2595
Harbeth P3ESR Rosewood. Our demo, as new, 24 hours maximum use. £1785 £1525
Rega RP8. Our demo, as new, 12 hours maximum use. £1598 £1275
Michell Orbe SE display model, two hours use, full packing, warranty, as new
Croft Micro R (mm) as new, demo
Sonneteer Alabaster - our demo 6 hours use, as new
Spendor D7 Oak. Demo model with only 12 hours use. As new with full warranty
Icon Audio Stereo 60 (KT120), 6 hours use, as new
Rega Elicit-r. Our lightly used demo unit, as new with full packing and warranty.

All items below are ex-display and being sold at way below trade price to free up much needed space. All are as new with full packaging and just a few minutes use each.

Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 Walnut finish. Our display pair with only 30 minutes use.
Sonus Faber Venere 1.5 in Walnut inc stands.
Wadia Di 122 Digital Decoding Engine. Display model, never used, as new

All may be shipped at cost price.

Bargain Basement