Radlett Audio brings you news about great products from Harbeth, Rega, Spendor, EAR, Sonus Faber and Martin Logan.

Producing top class electronics since 1925, Luxman really know how to manufacture some of the best performing Hi-Fi available. Radlett Audio is now proud to be Luxman stockists. This amp is the L-590AX Mk2, a truly stunning amp in every way. Producing 30 wpc/8 ohms in Class-A and a total of 95 wpc/8 ohms in AB, incresaing to 125 wpc/4 ohms. Integrated amps don't get better than this.

Rega have been very busy designing a new range of value for money turntables. We start with the Planar-1 at £248 complete with Rega Carbon cartridge fitted. This is by far the best value for money available on the Planet.

Next up we have the Planar-2 at £375 fitted with the Rega Carbon cartridge. An upgrade on the PL1 for those with a greater interest and a larger collection of vinyl.

The new Planar-3 has been a runaway success at £550 or £625 fitted with Rega Elys-2 cartridge. I have been pleasantly surprised at the popularity of this beautiful turntable. Not since the 80s have I seen such interest in a new turntable.

Rega have really raised the bar with this completely new range, putting them firmly head and shoulders above any competition.
Rega Brio
Brio (2016)
Absolutely stunning new Brio from Rega. Completely re-worked and upgraded with extra power-supplies and now a headphone amplifier provision. A game changer.
Quad VA-1
Quad VA-One
Beautiful little, all valve Integrated amplifier from Quad. Full function internal DAC and headphone amplifier. All you need in one lovely box.
Quad Z-3
Quad Z-3
Great sound, finish and styling set this new speaker apart from the rest. Kevlar drivers and ribbon HF. 'Speaker of the year' in various mags.