Bargain Basement

Harbeth M30.2 Anniversary Walnut. New, sealed boxes.
Harbeth M40.2 Anniversary Walnut. New, sealed boxes.
Harbeth C7ES Anniversary Walnut. New, sealed boxes.
Rega Aethos integrated amp. Display unit, not used.
Rega P3 + Elys2, new, unused
Rega Elicit Mk5, used for display only.
Luxman D-03x CD player, 6 hours use max, as new.
Harbeth P3ESR Olive Ash. Display only, as new.
Hana EH, high output MC. Open box, full warranty
Quad Artera Pre. As new, five hours use, full warranty etc
Hi-Fi Racks Slimline Podium speaker stands for LS3/5a, P3ESR etc. Eggshell black. New, sealed box.
Rega P6 charcoal + Neo. Display only, never used.
PMC Twenty5 26i Diamond Black. One pair, new, sealed.
Harbeth SHL5+ Anniversary in Walnut. New, sealed boxes. Last pair, full warranty.
Usually £5,300
Hi-Fi Racks 4 leg speaker stands to suit Harbeth P3, LS3/5A etc, 65cm high, top plate 19 x x19. Black never used, display only.

All may be shipped at cost price.

Bargain Basement
Rega Aethos & Hegel H95