About Radlett Audio

Hi, My name is David Wren and this is the Radlett Audio website.First a little bit about me. Those with a limited attention span might care to skip the next three paragraphs.

I have been into Hi-Fi as a means of appreciating my music for almost as long as I can remember. In the early sixties I constructed my first tube amp, a Mullard 5-10 and massive Wharfedale corner speaker (yes mono) for my first real Hi-Fi system. Then the up-grading Bug bit and a succession of systems were assembled.

With my accumulated knowledge I started writing for the (then new) magazine Hi-Fi for Pleasure in the early seventies. This mag set the pace for all other mags of the time, not least for it's array of girls on the cover, many of whom went on to be 'Page 3' models. From the seventies to the late eighties, I wrote numerous technical and subjective articles for What Hi-Fi, Hi-Fi Answers, Gramophone, Popular Hi-Fi, Practical Hi-Fi and even Hi-Fi Weekly (weekly !!!). I have also been employed by manufacturers, designers and distributors to evaluate and occasionally fine-tune their products.

In the early seventies I started the first (that I am aware of) 'High End'
dealership in this country. Whilst other shops had music centres and auto play turntables, I was supplying valve amps, massive turntables, MC cartridges and transmission or horn-loaded speakers. From 1978 to the present time I have owned and run Radlett Audio, which has gained an enviable Worldwide reputation for service and knowledge.

In my opinion, not only must Hi-Fi sound good and perform well, it must be reliable and come from a good, established company to assure back-up should it be needed in the future. Product should also have 'value' for when you want to sell it. How many of those 'five star' products in the mags over the past few years have disappeared and the companies vanished from the face of the Earth ? Far too many I would suggest but I take this into account with my recommendations.

Good, sensible Hi-Fi is what I do and some of the names I have worked with for decades. I don't buy in anything I wouldn't want to use myself and you will observe very few (if any) 'flavour of the month' products here. The vast majority of the stock comes from Britain - not due to any flag-waving exercise but because we do make the best Hi-Fi in the World.

I now have a pleasant, out of town facility where you can relax and choose your hi-fi in peace. No traffic, no parking problems, no hassle, just good service and sensible Hi-Fi you can rely on.

For the benefit of all and to ensure prompt, personal service, I operate an appointment system. For sales, servicing or demonstrations, please telephone/fax 01799 599080 or e-mail radlettaudio@hotmail.co.uk.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon, David Wren